At Big Fish Collective, we have a lot of ideas. Ideas that don't always fit into the traditional agency mold. So that's why BFCo. special projects exist - because, ideas. We've developed several programs that we offer our clients. Take a look and see what we're working on now, and check back often for new opportunities.


Product Design + Marketing Incubator

Big Fish Collective has teamed up with Vagari Design Collective (product design experts) to create the ultimate product + marketing accelerated incubator for both brand new ideas/products, as well as existing products already on the market.

Product design and market experts collectively take your prototype and/or existing product into our incubator for 48 hours. We poke, prod and analyze the product and the marketplace to develop strategic, thoughtful analysis and insight to pass back to you and your team. Contact us to learn more about the program and deliverables.


Media Trips 

We create and facilitate media trips for clients - both custom events, as well as ongoing group events for multiple brands. Need a strategic media event plan and someone to implement it, or want to hear about our upcoming group trip calendar for this year? Get in touch with us and we'll fill you in. If we don't have something that's a fit, we probably know another event that's going on that we could get you involved in with some of our partners. 


Brand Storytelling Camp 

Get out of the office and join your brand team in a cohesive mission to create, live and breathe your brand story. The brand story is critical to every part of your operations - from product development, to marketing and public relations strategies, to employee relations. By guiding your team through brand storytelling workshops and immersion experiences, we can distill the different ingredients that make up your brand. Contact us if you're interested in a team camp that's uniquely crafted for you.


Media Subscription Box

Big Fish Collective offers our clients an exclusive opportunity to participate in our subscription box designed specifically for media. This service is specifically for BFCo. clients.