Our Story.

Two random women walk into an airport. Happenstance puts them on the same flight. Their flight gets delayed, they strike up a conversation to kill time. Their flight gets delayed some more... a LOT more... so, they head to the bar. Two glasses of Rosé later (yes, they’re lightweights) a forever friendship is formed. They continue to hangout to talk shop (nerds), share ideas about the biz and inspire each other week after week. Six-ish months down the road, Big Fish Collective is born. The rest is history... or just beginning.


Originally from Southern California, Chelsea began her PR career with the Anaheim Ducks PR team. After working for years in marketing and PR for Merrill Lynch, DC Shoes, ESPN and ZEAL Optics, Chelsea stepped out on her own launching her first entrepreneurial venture - Big Fish Media Group.

Through BFMG, Chelsea lead crazy successful PR campaigns for world-class brands and athletes in the outdoor and action sports industries. Now, with the evolution of her first company into Big Fish Collective, she is tackling the same space but now at the intersection of PR and marketing.

Chelsea earned her degree from University of Colorado, Boulder in marketing. She is a member of Michael Smart’s Inner Circle for Public Relations Professionals. A Denver local now, she is often out hiking, skiing, camping and getting outdoors when not in the office.



Rachel started her career in the marketing and PR agency world and has never looked back. Fast-paced, creative and always evolving, she has worked in so many industries she's lost count. From consumer products to tech, outdoor, watersports, textiles, pet, fitness, building, construction, and more.

Rachel started full-time in the agency world at 21. By 24, she was leading her previous agency's North Carolina branch. At 26, she opened its first Denver location. Always working in full-service capacities, Rachel's mind flexes between marketing and PR strategies, and puts the puzzle pieces together so everything works advantageously. 

Rachel earned her degree from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in communication studies, with a minor in digital arts. She can be found adventuring, traveling and doing ridiculous things with her husband Jeff and their two hounds. She's always thirsty for the ocean - salt water is in her roots - and has a new-found insatiable hunger for the mountains.


BROOKE FIFIELD | Account Executive, PR Specialist & Pitch Master

Brooke’s creative soul and driven personality sets the tone for her work ethic and relationships. Her career in PR started at Fuse Marketing where she started as an intern her last year of college. After graduating from university on the east coast, she wanted to explore the unknown and made the trek out west. First stop was in sunny San Diego, where she worked for Arbor Skateboards and clocked in countless beach days. Brooke missed her mountains and wanted to get back to indulge in her love for snowboarding. With her drive and passion for creating new relationships, Brooke was an instant fit with Big Fish. Now she is back to mountains and city and working with clients that love the mix of outdoors and city life.

Brooke has a bachelor's degree in communication with a focus in marketing from Champlain College in Burlington, VT. When not at work, she is either on a chair lift, pushing buttons as a DJ, taking photos, or traveling to new cities and countries.


LACEY COLVIN | Account Executive, Marketing + Events Specialist

Lacey's marketing and PR career began in the private events world at two large restaurant and event spaces on the beautiful crystal coast of North Carolina. While working in the fast-paced world of events, Lacey simultaneously got her master's degree in communications from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She later found herself on the rocky mountain regional marketing team for a major dental company across Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Idaho. Her love for creativity and all-things adventure led her to Big Fish Collective, where she's now executing publicity and media relations campaigns, media events, marketing strategies and more.

When not working, Lacey can often be found skiing, hiking, camping, patio-sitting and having solid backyard cookouts. Lacey claims her fame as a (very bad) karaoke-er, with all intentions of making everyone around her have a good time.